AW Accountancy & Bookkeeping can help and advise you to manage your personal taxation affairs, making sure you are taking advice of all the financial amendments and optimizing your potential benefits in your interest.


Individuals with different requirements


  • With high earnings or substantial investments
  • Have sold an asset
  • Have a number of different sources of income
  • With self-employment income
  • Buy to let landlords
  • Tax refunds related to employment expenses
  • Tradesmen and those covered by the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)


Self Assessment


Self Assessment can be time-consuming and confusing for busy individuals and THE self employed. It can also be costly if penalized by HMRC when deadlines are missed, incorrect returns are filed or inappropriate records are retained.


We calculate your tax returns, minimising your tax bills, completing and filing it for you. AW Accountancy & Bookkeeping always explain your results before submitting anything. Furthermore, you will have access to expert knowledge whenever you need it as well as tax planning advice.


Capital Gains Tax


Capital gains tax can arise as a result of many different transactions – commonly the disposal of shares, sale of property and sale of business. You can also have a CGT bill just by transferring an asset to a family member even if you don’t receive any consideration for it.


Fortunately, there are many reliefs available to get that CGT bill down or avoid it all together. In particular, there are attractive reliefs for disposing of a business. To discuss your potential liability to capital gains tax and to get professional advice about the reliefs available, fill in your details using the contact form and a member of our team will contact you soon


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)


If you are a self-employed construction worker, working under the Construction Industry ( CIS ) Scheme, then you will almost certainly have over-paid tax and will be due a refund.

Having 20% deducted from your wages does not take your Expenses and Personal Allowance into account and so you will need to submit a tax return to include these, calculate your true tax bill and claim back your over-paid tax.


Many high-street and on-line accountancy firms charge a percentage of your refund, AND charge 20% VAT on top. We do not. We charge a fixed fee to submit your tax return and claim your refund. You know exactly what you are going to pay in advance. Our fees are deducted from your refund so there is no up-front payment required.

To obtain a no obligation quote, simply complete your contact details here and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements.