Limited Companies

We provide a range of services to Limited companies. We also provide advice on what to think about when considering whether to set up such a business. We can help with compliance issues, such as forming the company in the first place, getting the company registered with HMRC, advice on setting up the company’s accounting records and preparing regular management accounts. We can prepare the year end financial statements and deal with tax requirements on your behalf.

Although your annual accounts are necessary to keep you compliant with regulatory requirements and the tax authorities, they have the potential to offer you much more.

Prepared in the right way, they provide a vital tool to help your business run smoothly and provide valuable information for forward-planning and decision-making. We ensure that your company is as tax efficient as possible.


Benefits of a Limited Company:


Limited liability –In simple terms, if you run a Limited Company you are protected should things go wrong. Assuming all rules have been followed, as a director you will not be personally liable for any financial losses made by the company.


Separate entity – A Limited Company is a legal entity in its own right. This means that everything from the company bank account, to the ownership of assets relates to the business. They are totally separate from the interest of the directors and shareholders.


Tax – As a director and shareholder of a limited company you could elect to take the majority of your income in the form of dividends, which enables you to manage your own tax liability and potentially save on National Insurance costs.


Perception – If you plan to do business with larger companies, it can help if you are working via a Limited Company as it gives of a more professional image.


Protection – As well as the limited liability protection mentioned above, once you have successfully registered your company, your company name is protected by law. Companies House has very stringent rules for the naming of companies so no one else can use the same name as you, or anything deemed too similar.


Ownership and succession – As the sole shareholder in your business, you own the business. However, a Limited Company can easily transfer ownership of shares, or existing shareholders can sell a stake in the company to other parties at any time.


Our Limited Company accounts package includes:


  • Completion of a full set of Company accounts
  • Submission of the accounts to HMRC and Companies House
  • Submission of your corporation tax return
  • Submission of your annual return/confirmation statement to Companies House
  • Directors monthly payroll including RTI submissions
  • Submission of Directors Self Assessment tax return to HMRC
  • A final check before submission to ensure that you have claimed all expenses
  • We will deal with HMRC on your behalf
  • Our help and assistance needed throughout the year


Fees payable either on a one off basis or on a monthly basis.


Additional services that can be added to your package:

  • Monthly bookkeeping service
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll for further employees
  • CIS


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